Ayurveda on your wellness holiday on the Hochkönig

Herbal stamp massage at the Mitterwirt wellness hotel
Enjoy beneficial Ayurveda treatments at Mitterwirt

Ayurveda is an art of healing from India and translated literally means "life knowledge". The knowledge of a long, healthy life has its roots in many types of medicine and also includes different massage techniques.

We offer an extensive Ayurveda programme. We recommend a personal consultation with Andy to match your treatment to your body type.


Full body massage suitable for body type (incl. head) with special warm oil. The effect of the oils combined with different massage techniques balances out any imbalances and brings the body and mind in harmony.

Lasts approx. 50 minutes €75
Lasts approx. 80 minutes €95


Indian head massage. Extremely relaxing, de-stressing effect on the body and mind.
Lasts approx. 25 minutes €40


Indian foot massage with warm oil. Calming and grounding. Relaxes the feet and legs, stimulates the feet's reflexology points and therefore has an effect on the whole body.
Lasts approx. 25 minutes €40


Herbal stamp massage. Different prepared herbs in a warm fabric stamp with warm oil. Stimulates the metabolism, relaxes muscles and is balancing (incl. head massage).
Lasts approx. 80 minutes €99


Powder massage. Light peeling effect with different herbs and special massage techniques simulate the skin, circulation and connective tissue. Relaxes muscles and the mind.
Lasts approx. 50 minutes €79

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