Hiking on the Hochkönig

Hochkönig, a hiking paradise in Salzburger Land

A couple resting on a hill farm in the Hochkönig region © Hochkönig Tourismus GmbH
Enjoy the mountain summer on the Hochkönig © Hochkönig Tourismus GmbH

You can let your desire to be active run wild on a hiking holiday on the Hochkönig: 340 marked hiking trails through the stunning mountains invite you to actively relax in the Alpine outdoors. The region around the majestic Hochkönig massif has been awarded with the Austrian Hiking Seal of Quality.

Certified hiking

The Hotel Mitterwirt has been awarded too: our hotel in Dienten was awarded with 5 hiking boots for its outstanding hiking services. For example, you can use our hotel's own hiking bus and take guided hikes with the hotel's own guide. We are also equipped with basic hiking equipment: you are welcome to borrow poles and backpacks for your hike on the Hochkönig from us at the hotel. Hiking maps are available at the hotel.

Top hiking in Dienten on the Hochkönig

The Hochkönig is considered to be the crown jewel among the mountains in Salzburger Land. 340 kilometres of hiking trails in a whole variety of levels of difficulty open up the massif, where idyllic forests, gentle meadows and flowering mountain herbs alternate with rugged rocks, interesting gorges and majestic peaks. One absolute highlight is the Königsweg, which is a breathtaking long-distance hiking trail with 73 km and is awarded with the Austrian Hiking Seal of Quality.

Discover your personal favourite spots in the vast hiking trail network on your hiking holiday in Dienten:

A crown on the Königsweg trail - Region Hochkönig
Hiking on the Königsweg trail © Hochkönig Tourismus GmbH

an impressive arch of beech trees, a peak with views into the distance or an alpine pasture with lots of marmots (near the Pichlalm). Or find your personal favourite resting spot among the 50 hill farms and mountain huts with catering, for example the 120-year old Huberalm with its own dairy. Or the Reicheralm at the foot of the Klingspitz, which offers its own bacon – ideal for your hiking holiday on the Hochkönig.

Guided hikes

Anyone who would like to take part in a guided hike in Dienten, Maria Alm or Mühlbach is spoilt for choice. At the Hotel Mitterwirt in Dienten, you can find the hotel's own hiking guide who accompanies you on select hikes in the Hochkönig region twice a week. Another highlight in the hiking region is also herb hiking.

Quickly up to the top by cable car

Our personal tip is a trip with the Bürglalm cable car. It takes guests up to the hill farm with the same name twice a week. On all the other days of the week, guests have the option of using all the other cable cars in the "Hochkönig Bergreich" thanks to the Hochkönig Card included in the hotel price. Mountain bikers, cyclists and hikers can also work out to their heart's content near our hotel.

Hiking bus

Hiking on the Hochkönig © Salzburger Land Tourismus GmbH
Hiking in Dienten on the Hochkönig © Salzburger Land Tourismus GmbH

If you are heading for a hiking route on holiday in Austria that does not start in Dienten, our hotel's own hiking bus is at your service and will take you to the destination of your choice in the Hochkönig region and pick you up again.

From an adventure hiking trail to high alpine mountain tours on the Hochkönig in Austria, there are more than enough options for hiking in the fascinating mountains for mountaineers not afraid of heights.

When hiking in Dienten on the Hochkönig you enjoy the invigorating mountain climate at 1,071 m, fog-free clear views and the mountain sun.

Hiking and wellness

When you return tired but happy from your hike, the wellness complex welcomes you to the relaxing part of the day. Regenerate and relax in no time at all with the indoor and outdoor pool, saunas and massages.

© Hochkönig Tourismus GmbH
© Hochkönig Tourismus GmbH

Hiking tips: Correct behaviour in the mountains

  • Check that all participants (adults and children) have experience of the mountains, are physically fit, sure footed and not afraid of heights before the hike
  • Plan carefully using tour descriptions and maps
  • Have suitable equipment and clothing: sturdy shoes with soles with a good grip, protection against the rain and cold and plenty of drinking water
  • Before you set off tell the mountain inn host, hotelier or friends which trail you are taking, the tour's destination and time you expect to return
  • Adapt the pace to the weakest members of the group
  • Do not leave the marked trails. Exercise caution when walking on steep grassy slopes, especially when wet. The crossing of steep snowfields or glaciers is particularly dangerous.
  • Avoid dislodging stones and rocks at all costs. Areas endangered by falling rocks should be passed without stopping one at a time and as quickly as possible.
  • If the weather turns, fog falls, the trail becomes too difficult or is in poor condition, you should turn around.
  • Keep calm if there is an accident. In some cases you will be able to help yourself. If not, you should try to get help by using your mobile phone, calling, light signals or waving large items of clothing. Generally, anyone injured should not be moved and should never be left alone.
  • The mountains are there for everyone. It is every hiker's duty to help maintain them and keep them clean. You should take your rubbish back down to the valley with you, animals and plants should be protected.
  • Behaviour with grazing cattle: do not annoy cows, calves, sheep, horses etc. but behave "totally normally" and do not show any fear. Do not leave the paths on mountain pastures and meadows and keep your distance from animals.
  • WARNING TO DOG OWNERS: Dogs must be kept on lead. The dog must never be let loose to hunt grazing animals, particularly with suckler cows. If a grazing animal should attach your dog though, simply let it run free for its own protection. Please take your doggy bags with you!
  • Dawn and dusk are the main grazing times for game. Anyone who is not yet or no longer out and about around this time is respecting these "eating times". Should you nevertheless be out and about during these times, you can disturb the game as little as possible by keeping to the footpaths.

Take the first step for your hiking holiday on the Hochkönig with your non-binding enquiry! The Ottino family, your host at the 4-star Hotel Mitterwirt is looking forward to receiving your booking.

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